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  • Penetration Testing

    Dynamic Threat Assessment and Mitigation

  • Phishing Assessment

    Threat Mitigation is an ongoing process. The best defense is a knowledgeable team.

  • Threat Modeling

    Assess your enterprise threat footprint.

  • Secure Development Training

    Educated people drive security.

Gort: Security Built-In

Information Security Risk Assessments, and Secure Software Development Lifecycle (SSDL) Consulting

Penetration Testing

Penetration testing uncovers critical issues in your application, network and other information assets using the same techniques that hostile attackers use. By engaging Gort's professional hackers to proactively attack your applications, you can discover and remediate critical issues before hostile attackers do.

Phishing Assessment

External email is one of the most dangerous attack vectors that modern businesses deal with on a daily basis. A large percentage of corporate breaches are initiated via phishing email. Gort Security's phishing assessments are a powerful, fun way to combat the threat by educating your personnel to the dangers inherent in email.

Threat Modeling

Threat modeling is an essential process for determining your organization's risk footprint, and driving security throughout your entire business process. Gort consultants are experts at leading your enterprise through a Threat Modeling exercise to reveal dangerous threat vectors and vulnerabilities waiting to be exploited by attackers.

Static Application Security Testing

HPE Fortify is the leading Static Code Analysis (SCA) / Static Application Software Testing (SAST) tool. Gort consultants are experts at integrating Fortify into your SDLC, customizing it to your needs, guiding your development teams through the assessment and remediation of your vulnerabilities, and training you to get the most out of it.

Security News

Equifax Go Boom!

Gort Security Blog
Phillip H. Blanton | September 11 2017

Equifax Largest Data Breach in History?

Hackers have had access to Equifax' networks now for three months from May to July 2017. The information lost contains full names, addresses, birth dates, social security and driver's license numbers for up to 143 million people. ...read more...

UK Parliament Hacked

Gort Security Blog
Phillip H. Blanton | June 26 2017

UK Parliament Hacked

The UK Parliament's email system was hit by a cyber-attack on Friday morning that compromised at least 90 email accounts belonging members of parliament and their staff. The accounts breached were all protected by weak passwords. As a precaution, external access to the Parliament's email system has been shut off. MP Henry Smith posted ...read more...

Unrelenting Cyber-crime Epidemic Expected to Triple Cyber Security-Related Jobs in Next Five Years

Gort Security Blog
Phillip H. Blanton | June 21 2017

Unrelenting Cyber-crime Epidemic Expected to Triple Cyber Security-Related Jobs in Next Five Years

Cyber-crime is big business. The fact is that securing online systems can be terribly difficult. Software is complex and ensuring that there are no easily exploitable vulnerabilities in your online systems takes constant vigilance. Security testing alone won't protect you. Secure architecture alone won't protect you. Continuous static code analysis alone won't protect you. It takes all of the above and ...read more...