About Gort Security

Gort Security is a cyber-security consultancy based in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

What Do You Do?

Weaknesses in your Information Security can undermine your mission. The Internet is a hostile place. Gort Security was founded by experienced software developers with the aim of helping enterprise clients with the hardening of cyber-assets, and the early detection and mitigation of software vulnerabilities.

If you aren't confident in your security footprint, or your team's ability to manage cyber-risk, then give us a call. Our cyber-security consultants are experts in delivering solutions to provide assurance for all enterprises from small-business, to Fortune-500.

Why "Gort"?

Our mascot, "Gort" is inspired from the 1951 20th Century Fox film, "The Day the Earth Stood Still". Gort was based on the character Gnut, from "Farewell to the Master", a 1940 Astounding Science Fiction short story written by Harry Bates.

From Wikipedia...
Gort is eight-foot tall, seamless robot apparently constructed from a single piece of "flexible metal". He is but one member of a "race of robots" invented by an interplanetary confederation (described as "A sort of United Nations on a Planetary level" by Klaatu, who is a representative of that confederation) to protect their citizens against all aggression by destroying any aggressors.
Klaatu describes "him" as one of an interstellar police force, holding irrevocable powers to "preserve the peace" by destroying any aggressor. The fear of provoking these robots acts as a deterrent against aggression. To that end, Gort accompanies Klaatu on his mission to deliver an ultimatum to the people of Earth: the interplanetary confederation is not concerned with internal human politics; however, if humanity threatens to use atomic weapons against the other planets, the Earth will be destroyed to ensure the safety of the other planets.

For us at Gort Security, he represents the notion of protecting and securing people and companies from overt aggression by cyber-hackers so that they can pursue peaceful, productive online business activities. While Gort appears to be unarmed, he actually possesses powerful weapons to destroy any aggression. When we had the logo designed originally Gort was bald, like the robot in the movie; but the fedora was added later to help lend him a little street-cred at conferences like Def Con, B-Sides and Black Hat.

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