Threat Modeling

Online businesses today face a number of security challenges. Not knowing exactly how your internet-facing systems interact with each other can be deadly.

In a Threat Modeling exercise, Gort consultants will lead your enterprise through a fact-finding mission that will have you asking all the right questions. The result will be a map of your entire infrastructure, along with possible threat vectors both into the system from the wild, as well as between all of your system’s functional parts.

The resulting information will illustrate the system’s vulnerabilities; from the truly frightening, like malicious threats to the entire system, to the more mundane and incidental yet still dangerous, such as the failure of a non-redundant storage device with no current backup.

The key takeaway from a threat modeling exercise is where money and effort is most effectively spent on shoring up the security and redundancies that make for an enterprise-class system. As the variables change and requirements evolve over time, the model must be updated and reviewed iteratively to ensure that the current processes and procedures remain effective.

Gort consultants are experts at assessing your infrastructure to identify potential threats, prioritizing vulnerabilities and documenting the remediation efforts undertaken to secure and harden your enterprise data systems.

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